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Fast to settle
Settle up in 1-2 business days (or faster) for 25,000 AED or less.
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Free to start
Pay no fees on the first AED 5,000 you receive.
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No subscription, initiation, or hidden fees
Ziina charges a flat fee of 2.9% + 1 AED for local and international cards.
One app to track your sales
See all your transactions in one place, including sales from pop-up stores, websites, and payment links.
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Goes where business takes you
Monitor your business from anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile phone.
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In-app analytics & CSV export
International cards
Apple Pay & Google Pay support
QR codes for offline payments
Tap to pay
free processing when you join Ziina
Instant access to money
2.6% + 1 AED
2.9% + 1 AED for payment gateway
Branded payment links & invoices
In-chat payments with ZiiBoard
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